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Get expert product help today with Mehron. Makeup professionals from across the globe trust Mehron’s exceptional products for their consistent quality and stunning performance.

Are Mehron Products Okay To Use On Sensitive Skin?

Mehron products are made with the highest quality, globally approved ingredients. We always recommend a patch test first, especially if sensitive.

What Should I Use To Remove Mehron Face Paints?

Mehron makeup can be removed with Mehron Makeup Remover or any skin cleanser.

Are Mehron Products Non-toxic?

Yes, Mehron products are non-toxic according to proper use.

Where Are Mehron Products Made?

Mehron products are manufactured on site in Chestnut Ridge, New York except for certain pencils and applicators which are formulated and manufactured for us by private laboratories.

Are Mehron Products Tested On Animals?

No, Mehron is a cruelty free company.

Do Your Products Contain Any Animal Products?

Most Mehron products are vegan,some do include animal bi-products. MORE

Do Your Products Contain Gluten?

All products are gluten free and made in a gluten free facility.

What Is The Shelf Life For Your Products And Once Open, How Long Is It Good?

Shelf life of products once opened is shown on all packaging (the open jar with months).

Can Your Products Be Purchased In-store?

Yes, please visit our store locator to find the Mehron retailer nearest to you. FOUND HERE

How Long Will Paradise Stay On My Face/body?

Paradise stays put until you wash it off with soap and water. For extreme heat conditions pair with Skin Prep Pro and Barrier Spray for extended wear.

Does Paradise Wash Out Of Clothes/fabric?

Paradise is water-based and will easily wash out of most fabrics. Due to the high pigment of our products some colors might stain.

Can I Put Paradise In My Hair?

Paradise can be used on the face, body, and hair. Due to the high pigment of the product some colors may stain, therefor not reccomended for freshly bleached hair.

Do You Send Samples Of Products To Test?

We do not offer samples of products, we recommend visiting a local dealer for sample shade matching. STORE LOCATOR HERE

Can I Use This Product On My Pet?

We do not recommend using any of our products on any animals.

Can I Use Products On A Baby?

All products are recommended for children 3 and up, we suggest speaking with your physician before usage.

Can I Use A Product If I Am Pregnant?

All of our products are non-toxic but we always suggest contacting your physician and doing a patch test before using.

My 3D-gel Came Completely Dry - What Do I Do?

3D Gel is a gelatin based product that must be warmed for application, please see full instructions. HERE

Shade Replacements For Discontinued Items

Contact our Customer Service Team at [email protected]

What If I Have An Allergic Reaction?

We recommend visiting a physician with a print out of the ingredients for the product used. All ingredients can be found on packaging or our website.